"Silent For A Time"

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eluvium LP Boxset

My good friend Matthew Cooper of Eluvium is releasing a beautiful boxset of his entire catalog of music on vinyl this winter. Limited to 1000 copies, signed and numbered on a dated library card, by Matthew, founder of the wonderful Temporary Residence label /genius behind the box, Jeremy Devine and myself. Each box is currently in the process of being hand bound and printed with 100% post-consumer recycled papers in our home town of Portland, Oregon. The boxes are available for pre-order through Temporary Residence and should ship sometime in December before Christmas. This is a very small preview of some of the artwork I did for this amazing box. Each of the seven LP's in the box will have a new piece of art to go with them and I have designed a pull out poster exclusively for the set. I am very honored to have contributed work to this and would like to thank both Matthew and Jeremy for asking me to be a part of something so incredible that has taken over two years to complete. If you are unfamiliar with Matthew's music, check out the links listed here:
eluvium website

88point5 is now up and running!

The 88point5 show has begun! It runs through October 25th. Fifteen new paintings from me are available as well as two limited edition prints and thirteen open editions. 88point5 is a virtual art gallery, viewable only online, giving emerging artists a solo show to help build a career on. Every month, a new artist will debut a complete solo exhibition of 15-20 pieces at 88point5 Online, offering buyers an opportunity to be introduced to a new name and purchase affordable pieces of original artwork. Please take some time to check out this great new site. An enormous thank you to both Katie and Jensen of Gallery 1988 for asking me to be a part of such a wonderful creation!