"Silent For A Time"

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Current Group Shows

Sprit of Solitude

Mr. Gart's Deeply-Rooted Disquiet

The Everythingness of Everything Else

Hello and happy autumn everyone! I wanted to share some recently completed paintings now available through the following galleries:

1. "The Spirit of Solitude" created for "The Spooky Side of Nature" at Zapow Gallery in Asheville, NC which opened on Saturday, October 5th.

2. "The Everythingness of Everything Else" created for WowxWow Gallery and available as a part of their "Channeling the Unseen" online exhibition.

3. "Mr. Gart's Deeply-Rooted Disquiet" created for "Curious Beasts" at Redux Gallery in Portland, OR which opened on Friday, October 4th.

Please contact the galleries with inquiries. 
Thank you